Greatest Hits

Here are some of my favorite (and the most popular) pieces I’ve written over the years. This is a good place to start!

Maxim:  The Anonymous Dick Move-O-Meter

188 dick o meter article Greatest HitsEvery Guy Fawkes Day (November 5), hacktivist group Anonymous honors the fallen rebel with revolutions that pursue truth, freedom, and lulz. Let’s examine the ops of those behind the Fawkes masks.

 Read the full list at Maxim.com1086605 46440585142 2014208005 q Greatest Hits


Burning Man 41 150x150 Greatest Hits

 Burning Man Diary: A Virgin In Black Rock City, 8/12

Click the picture of the Burning Man to see the story’s accompanying slideshow!




MP 150x150 Greatest Hits

Matt Pond – Now A Better Lover, Fan of The Letter “S”, 9/11

Featured in the article “They Said What? – Our Favorite Bits From Our Favorite Interviews”

“I don’t know how I ended up doing this. And it’s not always easy; there are people out there who want to destroy you. But you know, I tend to have just gotten stronger, which is weird. I’m even a better lover than I used to be, which is weird.” - Matt Pond PA

Mega Man Pipe Painting by 8 bit Painter Greatest Hits


Do It Yourself: Make 8-Bit or Nintendo Music, 4/10

“Your piece on 8-bit music continues to be one of the most popular we ever published”– Madeloud Editor


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