Hello, I’m a wordsmith. I find joy in discerning the exact right combination of words to communicate your message.


In technical terms, I’m a communications specialist. Whether you need an “About Us” page for your small business or a highly technical site for an international corporation, I have the experience and ability necessary to execute your vision.

Why hire me instead of just doing it yourself? Your website is often the first impression you get to make on a potential customer, client or fan. If it’s professionally written and communicates information clearly and effectively, visitors to your site will be able to find and understand the information they need, and will come away from their visit with a positive impression. On the other hand, if your site has typos, grammar mistakes or is poorly-written and hard to understand, your visitor will assume that your business itself is unprofessional.

Why else should you hire me? I’m more than just a wordsmith. Of course I can write or edit a site, but I am also experienced with WordPress and a variety of other content management systems. I understand how to integrate SEO into your site, so you’ll show up higher in Google search results.

What if you need more than just a website? I can also organize and implement social media campaigns, write and distribute press releases, and produce business proposals,  one-sheets, and more. I can research markets

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