Janet Jay first gained invaluable experience as an interning editor at Timberwolf Press (which is no longer active).┬áTimberwolf was an entertainment and production services company. The entertainment side of the company published and distributed original fiction, non-fiction books and audio, while Timberwolf’s award-winning audio titles were recorded and produced at Timberwolf Studios and featured full-cast dramatizations of Timberwolf’s titles. Timberwolf Productions also provided full-service, turnkey audio/video production services for other publishers and businesses.

While working for Timberwolf Janet was able to edit a number of books on a wide variety of subjects, from sci-fi to historical fiction to kids’ titles. She was involved in audio production and was responsible for B2B and B2C communications.

Janet has historically been popular with academics: a number of Carnegie Mellon University professors hired her repeatedly to copyedit research before submitting it to international academic journals.

More editing goodness to come!

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