CoJ 150x150 FeaturesInside the Cathedral of Junk

The Cathedral of Junk is what you get when you combine bicycles, street signs in three languages, weathervanes, televisions, carabiners, Christmas lights, shopping carts, minikegs, and 60 tons of everything under the sun.

Rumbum.com, 10/10

Photography by Janet Jay. Check out my photo gallery of my day at the Cathedral to get a real feel for the scope of this attraction.


Burning Man 41 150x150 Features

Burning Man: A Virgin in Black Rock City

Rumbum.com, 09/10

Photography by Janet Jay. Click here for the gallery of Burning Man photography that ran with the story!



windsurf1 150x150 Features

Bumbling Around The Bay: Windsurfing in Corpus Christi

Rumbum.com, 08/10

Photos by Janet Jay.



Austin: Tubing the Guadalupetube3 resized 150x150 Features

Rumbum.com,  06/10




rat rod 1 t180 FeaturesRat Rod Rumble

They may be ugly. They may be loud. But just like more expensive traditional hot rods, grungy rat rods rule the roads. 

Metro Pulse, 12/08. All photography by Janet Jay.


atiiliano 150x150 Features

More Than a Mission Trip:

A second chance at life for one teenager who is ready to get living

Knoxville Magazine, 5/10



Knoxville Magazine UT Garden crop 150x150 Features

Take a Stroll Through UT’s Secret Garden

Knoxville Magazine, 04/08




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