A Little Slice of SXSW

Video intro to my 2010 SXSW coverage, “A Little Slice of SXSW” was produced by Janet Jay and Mark Martich for Published March 2010 in conjunction with a number of other articles by Janet Jay. Visit to view these stories and for more details.

(Written and voiced by Janet Jay. Shot and edited by Mark Martich.)

lemmy 150x150 FilmMovies About Music, SX-Style, SXSW 2010




sxsw buzzed films1 150x150 Film

SXSW’s Most Buzzed About Films, SXSW 2010




janetjay sxswnewbie 150x150 Film

SXSW For Beginners, SXSW 2010




TES shot 150x150 FilmLife After SXSW, SXSW 2010



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