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Hello, my name is Janet Jay and I am obsessed with music. So I write about it.

Here are all the music-related articles and interviews I’ve written, ordered from newest to oldest. Many are in PNG image format: just click on the link and then click on the image to zoom in.

BK1 150x150 Music Writing

Ben Kweller and Joe Pug Fill Austin’s Continental Club

The Austinot, 10/2012

Photography by Janet Jay.


van touring 150x150 Music Writing

Touring: When Are You Ready, And How Do You Do It On Your Own?, 5/12



jjgc 150x150 Music Writing

SXSW Interactive for the Indie Musician, 3/12
Pictured: the author and George Clinton.



hz 150x150 Music Writing

SXSW In Photos, Video, Words, 3/12. If you want to see the full content, including the Power Hour Drinking Game and me dancing in a flash mob, click here.

Photos by Janet Jay.

great nostalgic 150x150 Music Writing

Q&A- Different Homes, Different Music: Ducking Bees and Talking Sparks With The Great Nostalgic, 2/12


viral 150x150 Music Writing

How To Go Viral, 2/12

If you want to see the full content, including some bitchin’ music videos, click here.

new band member 150x150 Music Writing

How To Find A New Band Member, 12/11


danielson1 150x150 Music Writing

Faith and Fathers: An Interview with Danielson, 12/11



danielson2 150x150 Music Writing

Faith and Fathers: An Interview with Danielson (Pt. 2), 12/11



chipmunk punk press photo 150x150 Music Writing

DIY: How To Shoot a Press Photo For Your Band, 12/11



face punch 1 150x150 Music Writing

Promote Your Band (Without Making Your Fans Want To Punch You In the Face), 11/11



name band 150x150 Music Writing

DIY: How to Name Your Band, 11/11




MP 150x150 Music WritingQ&A: Matt Pond – Now A Better Lover, Fan of The Letter “S”

Madeloud, 09/11

Q&A between Matt Pond and Janet Jay. A quote from this interview is featured in the MadeLoud story ”They Said What? Our Favorite Bits From Our Favorite Interviews”

net radio 150x150 Music Writing

How To Get Your Music On Internet Radio, 09/11



baby blue 150x150 Music WritingGlory in Chaos: Baby Blue Recording Studio, 08/11

All photography by Janet Jay.



RSM 150x150 Music Writing

Who the Hell is R. Stevie Moore?, 8/11



80s 150x150 Music Writing

How To Throw A Bitchin’ ’80s Dance Party, 06/11



shazam 150x150 Music Writing

DIY: Free Music Apps for Your iPhone That You Need To Know About, 6/11


joepug 150x150 Music Writing

Review- Joe Pug, Messenger, 4/11




bio 150x150 Music WritingDIY: How To Write a Bio For Your Band, 4/11




paperthreat 2x2 150x150 Music Writing

Electronic Rock and more with Austin’s Paperthreat, 3/11


PRelease 150x150 Music Writing

DIY: How to Write a Press Release For Your Band, 3/11



Epigene A Wall Street Odyssey 150x150 Music Writing

Review- Epigene: A Wall Street Odyssey (The City, The Country And Back Again), 2/11



rachel goodrich 150x150 Music Writing

Review- Rachel Goodrich: Rachel Goodrich, 2/11




FM1 150x150 Music Writing

Q&A: Who Are the Fresh Millions?, 1/11




eisley 150x150 Music Writing

Live Review: Eisley Bring Familial Harmony to Austin

Madeloud, 12/10

Photography by Janet Jay.


backspin 150x150 Music Writing

Austin Vinyl Lives at Backspin Records

[Did I jinx Backspin? Did my editor jinx them by choosing this title? Either way, they are now out of business.], 12/10


revoltrevolt 150x150 Music WritingReview- ReVoLtReVoLt: Chordata, 12/10
fop 150x150 Music Writing

Review- Kristian Hoffman: Fop, 12/10



The royal bangs free 150x150 Music Writing

Q&A: The Royal Bangs Will Teach You To Dance, 11/10



pavement 150x150 Music Writing

Pavement: Live in Austin, 10/10





DMR Music Writing“Fun and Smoked Out” – Rapping with Detroit Mutant Radio, 8/10

look mexico 150x150 Music Writing

Review- Look Mexico: To Bed To Battle, 08/10




manousos 150x150 Music WritingReview- Paul Manousos: C’mon, c’mon, 08/10




ToadiesFeeler800 450x450 150x150 Music Writing

Review- The Toadies: Feeler, 8/10




black lillies janet jay 6 t607 150x150 Music Writing

Saturday night and Sunday morning: The Black Lillies explore a wide range of American music, from classic country to the Grateful Dead.

Cruz Contreras Steps Into Spotlight with Black Lillies

Contreras joined a group of Knoxville music veterans last fall to form the Black Lillies and their debut, Whiskey Angel.

Metro Pulse, 6/10. Photo by Janet Jay.

Whiskey Angel: The Black Lillies at the Square Room 

A report from the Black Lillies’ CD release show at the Square Room on Saturday night, from MP contributor Janet Jay

Metro Pulse, 04/09



isaidisaid 150x150 Music WritingQ&A- I Said I Said Have Something To Say, 6/10




2018 music hudsonK t180 150x150 Music Writing

ANTI-POP STARS: The members of Hudson K invited fans to help pay for Shine, with a guest spot on the new album available for those who chipped in $200.

Hudson K Releases Its Long-Awaited Debut Album of Piano-Led “Anti-Pop”

Metro Pulse, 5/10








DR 150x150 Music Writing

Review- Dead Rabbits: The Rabbit That Roared, 5/10



PM1 150x150 Music Writing

Review- Puerto Muerto: Drumming For Pistols, 5/10




SS1 150x150 Music Writing

Review- Shannon Stephens: Breadwinner, 5/10




waterloo11 150x150 Music Writing

Swimming in Waterloo Records – An Interview With Owner John Kunz (Part 1), 3/10

Photos by Janet Jay.


Mega Man Pipe Painting by 8 bit Painter Music Writing


Do it Yourself: Make 8-Bit or Nintendo Music (Part One), 4/10




waterloo21 150x150 Music Writing

Swimming in Waterloo Records- An Interview With Owner John Kunz (Part 2), 3/10

Photos by Janet Jay.



Legs Against Arms Against the LAA Music WritingWorld, 2/10

BO1 150x150 Music WritingBelleville Outfit: Live at Momo’s, 2/10




visco 150x150 Music Writing

Review- Gillian Visco: Flotation Device, 2/10




eoae 150x150 Music Writing

Learning How South Austin Sounds at End of an Ear, 1/10



Josephine Foster Graphic As A Star 150x150 Music Writing

Review- Josephine Foster: Graphic As A Star, 12/09




echo falls 150x150 Music Writing

Review- The Echo Falls: The Echo Falls, 12/09





Lo-Fi Communication

Lexington/Knoxville popsters Big Fresh forgo bizarre showmanship in favor of simple, powerful songs

Metro Pulse, 08/0

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