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Gym Spotlight: Cheer Athletics

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The co-founders of Cheer Athletics eye the wide expanse of blue mat and white-and-blue Panthers in front of them as the speakers thunder the lyrics, “We don’t know how to fail—Small, Medium, or Large, we’re tougher than nails and we’re gonna leave the other cats chasing their tails.” The lyrics are no empty boast: Cheer Athletics is arguably one of the most successful all-star programs in the nation. To date, the program boasts 33 Worlds medals (14 more than the next winningest team) and more Worlds championship titles than any other program—not to mention a long list of resident “cheerlebrities” and illustrious alumni (such as Justin Carrier and Matt Parkey)…

Between the two locations, CA now has 35 all-star teams (28 in Plano and 7 in Austin), and their growth and triumphs don’t look to be stopping anytime soon. So how do those cats stay on the top of their game?

Read the full story in the Spring 2013 issue of TheCheerProfessional Magazine.

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Candid Coach: Heather Zidek

Tumbles & Cheers’ Heather Zidek reveals how her small gym has achieved big results.

Avon, Ohio’s Tumbles & Cheers is on a roll: after being named the USASAF’s “Best Small Gym in America,” in 2010, the gym recently moved to a brand-new 143,000 sq. ft. facility– replete with inground rod floor, tumble trak, trampoline and 1,300 sq. ft. worth of pits. What’s been their secret to success? According to Heather Zidek, the gym’s founder and coach of the Ohio Extreme All-Stars, it’s all about keeping your gym drama-free and setting high expectations.

Read the interview here!

Published in the Winter 2013 issue of Cheer Professional Magazine.

Screen Shot 2013 01 28 at 11.29.49 AM 150x150 Sports, Health & FitnessSpotlight: Green Bay Elite

When people think of competitive cheerleading, Wisconsin usually isn’t the first place that comes to mind. Cherokee Greendeer was just 19 years old when she set out to start a cheer gym there in 1999, but she knew she was taking a risk. “I had to be direct; I had to sell the sport, to make everyone see that this is definitely legitimate,” says Greendeer. “Parents thought, ‘Rah rah rah, that’s all our daughter will do,’ but once they saw what it was really about, they said, ‘Wow, this is what our daughter can do?!’” Continue reading →

Published in CheerProfessional Magazine, January 2013.


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Bumbling Around The Bay: Windsurfing in Corpus Christi, 08/10

Photos by Janet Jay.


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Atiliano Jones at his drumset


More Than a Mission Trip


A second chance at life for one teenager who is ready to get living

Knoxville Magazine, 5/10



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Small Business Offers Big Advancements in Creating Cancer Drugs

Knoxville Business Journal, 11/07



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