malaria mosquito

Fighting Malaria With a ‘Trojan Cow’

How tricking mosquitoes could help eliminate the scourge of African children. Read the full story on TakePart World


When Disaster Strikes, This May Be the Most Crucial Aid of All

A group of relief organizations band together to rebuild destroyed communications systems so food and medicine can get where they’re needed most. Read more at TakePart World


Video Sans-Video Game

Throughout childhood, Michael Newman could usually be found doing one of two things: racing through a video game or drawing levels he wished were playable. His adult creation, Video Sans-Video Game, allows players to dream up a world, draw it, and then play it using a joystick to navigate a spaceship. Read more in Issue [...]



Taking a break from her homework, an undergrad fires up a pinball challenge on her smartphone while her roommate toys with a robot factory game. But this is about more than procrastination: They’re using Lumosity, an online brain-training program. Read the rest in the latest issue of Carnegie Mellon Today