Steve Bannon —The Man, the Myth, the Asshole

 Donald Trump’s top advisor is a loathsome human being.


Let me tell you about a guy. Not his politics, ideology or career — not yet.

  • When he got his girlfriend pregnant with twins, he “made it clear that he would not marry [her] just because [she] was pregnant.” She said, he “told me that if the babies were normal, we would get married.” They didn’t marry until prenatal tests proved so.
  • When a four-year-old asked him where her mother was, he replied, “Didn’t you know? She’s never coming back, she doesn’t love you.” He years later confirmed this but said, “[She] knew I was just kidding.” Not, “I told her I was kidding,” mind you, but “she knew I was kidding.” Again, she was four.
  • He threatened and harassed school administrators at every school his by-then-ex-wife tried to enroll their kids at. He was also, let’s say, “overly inquisitive” circling around the apparently important point of how many Jews his kids would be around at each school and what other Jewish influences might be in play. Surely he was just curious! Surely questions about other religions were coming but he got distracted saving America.

This guy is Steve Bannon.

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